Greetings Everyone,

Here is what’s new in the musical world of Alam Khan.

First off, I will be heading to Philadelphia on Thursday for the debut of the Agama Festival at the Kimmel Center.  I am very happy and honored to be joining Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri on stage and to have my brother Manik Khan accompanying us.

I am excited to announce that I will be composing the music for a new contemporary Kathak dance production which will premiere in 2021.  The music will be a mixture of sound design, production, contemporary and traditional music for Sarod, Cello, Percussion and more.

My project “Between Worlds of Sound” formerly titled “Karuna Supreme” is nearing the finishing stages of creation. This project focuses on the sound of being multi-race and cultured, searching for ones own identity and embracing your unique between worlds of sound.  BWOS involves myself as primary composer and Sarodist, Arjun Verma on Sitar and assistant composition, Jack Perla as western composer, Nilan Chaudhuri on percussion and the Del Sol String Quartet.  Myself, Arjun, Nilan and Del Sol will all perform together at our premiere in 2021.

“Grand Tapestry” have almost completed our second album which we are excited about so stay tuned for release dates and more.  We will be performing for the Asia Society in Houston, Texas on Oct. 25th.

Please take a look at my “Tour” section of the website to see upcoming performance dates.